The Stud

Welcome to Maple-Dream Arabians

Our Stud is located in the beautiful hills of the southern Eifel near the border to Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our Farm was first a dairy farm with around 120 cows and heifers.

My own fascination for arabian horses started in early childhood with Karl May's Rih and Walter Farley's Black Stallion but also with some beautiful and lovely Arabian horses I had the honour to ride and to care for.

When I started to work as a veterinarian and met my husband we soon decided to add horses to the Dairy cows. Certainly it could be no other horse than an Arabian. 

And so our stud started 2005, as in so many stories, with the purchase of one fascinating arabian mare. This was the beautiful fleabitten mare Jacaranda. Jacaranda is a mare of the old german bloodlines of Weil-Marbach and Achental. Sadly we never succeded in getting her in foal.

But the Arabitis-Virus stroke heavily. We decided to start with breeding seriously. We did a lot of research in bloodlines and chose to breed Straight Egyptian Arabians because they seem to us the Arabians that are closest to the origin. We carefully selected our broodmareband and the stallions.

We want to breed a perfect blend of etheral beauty and perfomance ability.

A perfectly balanced horse with dry bones, fine chiseled face, tiny muzzle and ears, big, dark eyes, wide forehead, long well set neck, good shoulder and topline, strong body and absolutely correct legs, good pigmentation and with a good movement. And last but not least we desire that highly intelligent, people oriented personality and the great working attitude, that the arabian horse is famous for.

The offspring we bred until now shows us that we are on a good way to our perfect horse.

We would very much enjoy your visit by appointment.